Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Climate Smart Neighborhood Sweep in Martin Acres

You may have seen notices in the neighborhood about Climate Smart's Neighborhood Sweep this Saturday. From their website:
The neighborhood sweep is an opportunity for the city to visit residents door to door and offer educational materials and energy saving resources - such as compact fluorescent light bulbs. The ClimateSmart program selects 1-2 neighborhoods each year to visit. Teams of University of Colorado Green Teams students and Boulder County senior citizen tax workers are paired up to visit the homes and provide ClimateSmart kits and an opportunity for residents to sign up for a more in-depth ClimateSmart Home visit.
Ideally they would like to talk to someone at the house when they deliver the kit but if you cannot be there and really want a kit I think you can leave a note on your door asking for one anyways.

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I was very excited that our house would be included in it but when I created that map I saw that we are one block too far to the east. Doh! Anyways, I hope many MA residents avail themselves of this great opportunity.

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