Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nepal Cuisine in the neighborhood

Since we have moved to Boulder in the spring our family has enjoyed eating at a Nepali/Indian restaurant in the Meadows Parkway shopping mall (Naryan's Nepal Restaurant). I was surprised to find out last week that as of about 1 month ago the establishment was under new management. I wondered where the original owners had gone because I really enjoyed their food and the service was friendly.

I mention all this because two days ago we decided to try out a new Nepali restaurant at 4720 Table Mesa Drive (see map here) only a few yards south of our neighborhood. The food was great and I soon realized that this was a new restaurant that was (surprise!) owned/operated by the former owners of Naryan's Nepal Restaurant. The new restaurant is called Nepal Cuisine. The restaurant is so new that there is no online information that I could find about hours, address, contact info, etc. I have a copy of the business card here where you can get more information.

Not only have we rediscovered a source of great Indian/Nepali food... the restaurant is only one block from our house and essentially in our neighborhood. Another great reason to live in Martin Acres!

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